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Nutrition Response Testing

By testing specific reflexes, we are able to help you locate nutritional deficiencies or toxins, such as metal, bacteria, viruses, and funguses within the body. Using Nutrition Response Testing (NRT), which takes about 20 minutes from start to finish, we are able to create a plan using specific supplements that will remove unwelcome toxins and increase nutritional input. Since no two people are alike, therapy protocols will differ per individual persons, but maintenance care and lifestyle adjustment assistance are guaranteed to all.


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8:00 - 12:30   2:30 - 6:00

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I have seen countless specialists over the years along with test after test all to come up empty handed. I originally was only going to see him for chiropractic services in hopes that would alleviate my discomfort to some degree, and it certainly helped short term but in our visits it lead to a bigger conversation, one that he initiated instead of me pleading for someone to listen. I am a skeptic by nature, but at this point in time I was willing to try anything and that's when he proposed I try Nutrition Response Testing. I don't know what type of witch craft he performed on me, but he got me set up on a plan to essential reboot my broken systems (I won't bore you with findings), which included supplements to take and recurring visits to see what improvements have been made and how to keep progressing. By week six, I started to regain my energy levels, I started to get better quality sleep, I've lost the muscle fatigue, the pain in my joints is much more manageable, I've got a better appetite and my weight has been maintained better, and overall just feel BETTER.

Donald B.

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