Nutrition Response Testing

By testing specific reflexes, we are able to help you locate nutritional deficiencies or toxins, such as metal, bacteria, viruses, and funguses within the body. Using Nutrition Response Testing (NRT), which takes about 20 minutes from start to finish, we are able to create a plan using specific supplements that will remove unwelcome toxins and increase nutritional input. Since no two people are alike, therapy protocols will differ per individual persons, but maintenance care and lifestyle adjustment assistance are guaranteed to all.


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Dr. Callard always makes me feel better and I love the fact they won’t tell you that you need long term treatment unless you do. Both times I went to them for a specific issue and they checked me over and prescribed me for 8 weeks of treatment, not the typical 12-16 weeks, 3 times per week treatment that the other local doctors were saying. He does what he says and in the amount of time he says. Thanks for being honest and protecting my money and making me feel better and healthier. 

Donald B.