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High Intensity Laser Therapy

How does High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT) work?

High Intensity Laser Therapy uses low levels of energy, or photons. Unlike higher-frequency lasers used for surgery, they don't heat or cut your skin. Photons penetrate deep into a painful joint. The light triggers chemical changes that help damaged cells and tissues heal and regrow.

High Intensity Laser alone has been shown to help reduce scar tissue, inflammation, adhesions, and pain. It also will create more cell activity to increase the speed of recovery in most cases.


Some examples of what we use (HILT) to treat at The Callard Clinic include:

  •  Joint pain from arthritis

  •  Muscle strains and joint sprains

  •  Muscle spasms

  •  Neuropathic pain

  •  Lower back pain

  •  Neck pain and stiffness

  •  Sports injuries

  •  Carpal tunnel syndrome

  •  Tennis elbow and runner’s knee

Am I a good candidate?

To see if (HILT) is right for you, you should find out if you’re a good candidate for the therapy before seeking treatment. Most people can safely undergo this therapy because it’s gentle and noninvasive. You may be a good candidate for (HILT) if:

  •  You have nagging muscle or joint pain

  •  You have a prior injury site that still bothers you

  •  You still experience pain and discomfort after a surgery


Benefits of High Intensity Laser Therapy

  •  Treatment is painless

  •  Highly effective for many diseases and conditions

  •  Eliminates pain

  •  Reduces the need for pharmaceuticals

  •  Restores normal range of motion and physical function

  •  Easily applied

  • Non-invasive

  • Non-toxic

  •  No known adverse effects

  •  Often makes surgical interventions unnecessary

  •  Provides a treatment alternative for patients that have not responded to other therapies


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Dr. Callard always makes me feel better and I love the fact they won’t tell you that you need long term treatment unless you do. Both times I went to them for a specific issue and they checked me over and prescribed me for 8 weeks of treatment, not the typical 12-16 weeks, 3 times per week treatment that the other local doctors were saying. He does what he says and in the amount of time he says. Thanks for being honest and protecting my money and making me feel better and healthier. 

Donald B.

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