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The following is my view on the need for X-Ray in the evaluation of those who seek chiropractic care, based upon my 26 years of clinical experience and performing over 950,00 chiropractic spinal adjustments.

  • People have been conditioned over the years to think that x-rays are necessary. They are rarely necessary in that 99% of patients do not need x-rays. I have already proven that concept in my office.
  • For the 1% I determine whom need and x-ray, I refer them to “Regional Medical Imaging” 2 minutes from my office where radiology is all they do and they are the best at it. I write the order for the area, {the patient does not need an appointment} they get their x-rays done and a thorough report is generated by a certified medical radiologist. The images and full report are sent to my office the same day to go over with the patient.
  • Skillful examinations and thorough history of a patient’s condition is what is necessary for a proper care plan for recovery which has nothing to do with x-ray.
  • Doctor experience negates the use of unnecessary x-rays and people do not need added radiation and the financial burden of needless x-rays.
  • X-rays have always been a source of income for the doctor whom orders them done in their office…Which means there is no incentive to not order them.

Bottom Line. I had x-ray in my office for 20 years yet only took them maybe 2x per month due to the fact they weren’t necessary. The next time you go to the doctor and they want to take x-rays,…ask why.