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Hand holding heartThe Callard Clinic Reviews

What Our Fenton Patients Say

At The Callard Clinic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us. Share your stories too! Click here to send us your feedback so that we can help to spread the word about the benefits of natural The Callard Clinic care. For more information or to schedule an appointment call or email us today.

Makes Me Feel Better

Dr Callard always makes me feel better and I love the fact they won’t tell you that you need long term treatment unless you do. Both time I went to them for a specific issue and they check me over and prescribed me for 8 weeks of treatment, not the typical 12-16 weeks 3 times a week the other local doctors are saying. He does what he says and in the amount of time he says. Thanks for being honest and protecting my money and making me feel better and healthier. – Donald B.


Dr. Callard is awesome! Very personable. I had been badly diagnosed by another local chiropractor and Dr. Callard really helped set my mind at ease. He is a pro and it shows. I would highly recommend Dr. Callard and the staff to anyone. – Jack T.

Very Pleased and Impressed

I feel very pleased and impressed with my visit to The Callard Clinic. Wendy and Michelle are so friendly and efficient. Dr. Callard listens effectively and has a strong desire to help make me feel better. His skills and demeanor are the utmost of professional. I highly recommend Dr. Callard! – Heather N.

Calm and Gentle Adjustment

I was pretty anxious about this because I’ve had rougher adjustments in the past (different chiropractor). Dr Callard was calm, gentle, didn’t over-adjust, and was thorough in his explanations to help me understand the why behind my adjustments. – Alisha T.

I Felt Better

I felt better the very next morning. I could actually walk downstairs normally without taking one step at a time. My knee doesn’t hurt anymore but my lower back is still painful but not as bad. I’ll be back! – Pauline B.

Polite and Professional

Everyone at the office was very polite and professional. I’m super excited about starting my new health adventure with you. I have been telling all my friends and family in the area about you. – Carolyn W.

Wonderful staff and Chiropractor

Dr. Callard is very caring and professional. I have had only positive experiences in his office. The staff is also friendly and extremely helpful with any questions or concerns I might have. Wonderful staff and Chiropractor, no need to go anywhere else! – Jessica W.

So Thankful for This Team!

Dr. Callard and his staff listened to me when my other service providers would not. He was able to find the problem and discussed possible treatments on that first visit. When other service providers were throwing around a serious and scary diagnosis, Dr. Callard was able to find the problem that was actually causing my symptoms. I am so thankful for this team! – Hope H.

Personalized Treament

I recently had my chiropractor retire after of 30 years of care. I didn’t quite know where to turn. I am a strong believer in chiropractic care and knew I wouldn’t be able to go too long without one. My grandson recently was injured and was seeing Dr. Callard. I took him for his visits and watched his adjustments and his progress under his care. I decided to take the chance and have been pleasantly surprised. His technique is much like my former chiropractor but he has expanded his treatment with me and made recommendations to exercise and strengthen my knees as well, which appear to be part of my problem. Dr. Callard listens and personalizes the treatment to your needs. Things are going well and I look forward to continuing to make progress. – Jackie H.

Back to Working Out

I injured my back after falling down the stairs about 3 weeks ago. I could barely walk and was in a TON of pain! I went to Dr. Callard 2 days after the injury and honestly felt about 70% better within a few hours. I did have to continue to receive massage therapy and chiropractic care for about 3 weeks until I felt 100% better but this is worth any amount of time and money because I now have my life back:). I can lift my children, bend over with no pain and am back to working out regularly! I am SO thankful to Dr. Callard and his staff! – Gabrielle B.

Feeling Better Already

FANTASTIC!! I cannot recommend decompression therapy enough. If you are having issues with your neck, leg, back, stop in and get an evaluation from Dr. Callard. I am 1/2 way through my therapy and have noticed a difference already. – Terry Z.

Phenomenal Staff

Dr. Callard and his staff are phenomenal ~ truly! I have seen chiropractor’s my entire life, was raised to eat good, healthy food and my parents did not believe in traditional medicine unless you broke a bone. However, I was still reluctant to go into Dr. Callard’s nutrition program. I didn’t want to give up sugar, LOL, and I knew it needed to go. THEN my hair starting falling out. I had gone through chemotherapy (for colon cancer) the year prior and my hair didn’t fall out then as it was when I decided I needed to go in. Every day washing my hair was defeating. So, I started the program. It was very hard for the first week or so and then I started feeling great!. The more I left sugar alone, the less I wanted it. And now I have thick, very pretty hair. I am so grateful, and beyond happy! Dr. Callard knows what he is doing! Plus he is caring, compassionate and fun to pick on! Which to me is an added bonus!! – Martine E.



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