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neuropathy Peripheral Neuropathy

At the Callard Clinic, we have offered drug-free, cutting-edge effective therapies to help relieve the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy for the past 25 years. Simply stated, tingling, burning, stabbing and stinging pain or numbness are common discomforts experienced by patients suffering from neuropathy. Peripheral Neuropathy is an abnormal sensation and pain usually in the feet and/or hands. The symptomatic pain of neuropathy is not typical foot pain. It is often sharp and debilitating impairing walking, driving, and daily activities. Numbness and the feeling of wearing an invisible sock are also commonly experienced. Cramping, spasms and restless legs are not uncommon. These symptoms usually have poor circulation in common.The pain frequently interrupts sleep in the early morning hours.  Sensation problems associated with peripheral neuropathy often develop slowly and frequently worsen over time when left unchecked. Neuropathy  Since there are over 100 different causes of peripheral neuropathy,  the correct diagnosis for the proper method of treatment is vital.  Therefore, the sooner treatment begins… the better the results!  With the vast experience Dr. Callard has acquired, treatment protocols of the Callard Method have proven highly successful while economical for people who suffer from peripheral neuropathy.  

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