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Meet Dr. James Callard

Dr. James Callard, Fenton ChiropractorDr. James Callard is celebrating his 25th year of practice as the original hometown chiropractor of Fenton. Benefiting from chiropractic care as a hard-working roofer, he chose to pursue a career in chiropractic care to help others.

To this day, he remains motivated to assist people live full, drug-free lives.

Academic Career

A Life Chiropractic College graduate, Dr. Callard is trained in chiropractic adjustments as well as being well-versed in nutrition therapy and decompression therapy. Certified in Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) through Ulan Nutritional Systems and decompression therapy through Kennedy Decompression System, he is able to help his patients achieve well-rounded health.

Dr. Callard was voted Detroit Top Chiropractor in 2013, is a Member of the Michigan Association of Chiropractors and recently received the 2019″Best Chiropractor in Fenton” award.



Outside the Practice

When he is not busy in the office, Dr. Callard enjoys golfing and the outdoors. One of his favorite pastimes is experiencing life on the lake with his wife Julie their two Golden Retrievers, Puja and Olivia. As his own health is also of great importance to him, he also prioritizes physical activity and bodily upkeep.

Evolving Passion

Each year Dr. Callard has been in practice, his decision to become a chiropractor has been reaffirmed. Not only has he helped countless members of his hometown, but he has also kept his family healthy and kept up with his personal health goals. Dr. Callard is dedicated to holistic healthcare, and his growing passion is the reason he continues to assist others.

At The Callard Clinic, you are truly in the best hands. Learn more about how Dr. Callard can help you by booking your visit today.

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